Hulda Clark Zapper Breadboard Kit
"Build Your Own Hulda Clark Zapper" Kit

Hulda Clark Zapper Breadboard Kit

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Build Your Own Hulda Clark Zapper Electronics Kit and Instructions
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Hulda Clark Zapper Kit includes: Breadboard, 555 CMOS Timer, 7 resistors: (2) 1K Ohm, 2.2K Ohm, 4.7K Ohm, 39K, (2) 270K Ohm, (2) .0047 uF Capacitors, Red LED, (8) Color Jump Wires, (2) Alligator Leads, and Soldered Battery Snap/On-Off Switch. All this comes in a sturdy little cardboard box you can use to house your finished circuit. The full-color instructions will help you build either a 30,000 Hz or 1,000 Hz circuit. Kit does not include copper pipes. To order copper pipes, scroll below to Related Items.

Please note that when ordering electronic parts and kits we can assume no liability on the customer's ability to use them. Safety, craftsmanship, experience, and ability are the user's responsibility.

Electronic parts are small and fragile. We can not offer refunds or replacements on electronic parts. Buy electronic parts and kits only if you believe you can accomplish the work.

The 555 CMOS Timer is the most likely part to need replacement, so it may be smart to order extras when building a kit.

The 555 CMOS Timer is vulnerable to static electricity. If you walk on a carpeted floor and the 555 receives a static shock it may burn out and need replacement.

555 CMOS Timers are sold separately for those who want to have several at hand during a kit build, or to troubleshoot a circuit that is not working. If you are new to electronics, or just want to be cost effective, you may want to purchase extra 555 CMOS Timers when building your first kit. We can not offer refunds or replacements on electronic parts.

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