Custom Dial-A-Zap Hulda Clark Zapper
Custom Hulda Clark Dial-A-Zap Zapper

Custom Dial-A-Zap Hulda Clark Zapper

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one of a kind handmade custom Dial-A-Zap Hulda Clark Zapper from 80 Hz to 30 kHz
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This Hulda Clark Dial-A-Zap Zapper has a 1 Meg ohm potentiometer and knob added to the circuit so one can dial frequencies from approximately 80 Hz to 30,000 Hz. You will need to connect a multimeter with Hz setting to see output frequency (meter not included - buy at Radio Shack). The Dial-A-Zap circuit is built into a standard electronic project box enclosure that has a sliding battery door on bottom for easy battery changes. Output bolts are marked blue for ground and red for positive output. A pair of alligator clip cables, 9 volt battery and Zapper Basics set up manual is included. Advanced users: Order a North Pole Speaker (sold separately) to experiment with the 1000 Hz setting as seen in Dr. Clark's "Prevention" book.

Each handmade zapper is a one of a kind piece, no two exactly alike. Hulda Clark dedicated her books as her gift to humanity. Now you can give the gift of a Hulda Clark Zapper to your loved ones, and that includes you! Make your own handmade Hulda Clark zapper by following the FREE video instructions at or purchase this one-of-a-kind Dial-A-Zap.

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