North Pole Speaker Box
North Pole Speaker Box

North Pole Speaker Box

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connects to the Dual Frequency Zapper at 1 kHz (sold separately)
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The North Pole Speaker Box, which measures 9.5 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches, is connected to the Positive (red) output of the Dual Frequency Zapper (set to 1 kHz) to create a Food Zappicator. Unit includes a single red banana lead.

Zappicate food and water for 10-20 minutes on top of the speaker box in non-metal containers, such as HDPE plastic containers. Be sure to remove all metal caps on glass containers.

Test the Speaker Box before each use with a compass (included for your convenience). Tilt speaker box on its side, hold compass near top, and the N should be attracted toward the top of the speaker box. Because magnets can change polarity, it is best to test the unit before each use with a compass. All units sold separately.

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